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Sensors on Station 35004 Big Bridge

OPW Latest data: Nov. 22, 2019, 9 p.m. (UTC / GMT) staff gauge level 1.269 m. OD level 58.662 m.
Water level for past 5 weeks
Water level for past week.
Water level for past day.
Summary for Water level
Temperature for past 5 weeks
Temperature for past week.
Temperature for past day.
Summary for Temperature
Voltage for past 5 weeks
Voltage for past week.
Voltage for past day.
Summary for Voltage
Ordnance datum for past 5 weeks
Ordnance datum for past week.
Ordnance datum for past day.
Summary for Ordnance datum


35004 Big Bridge 57.393m above Ordnance Datum at Poolbeg.