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Suggested attribution text: Contains Irish Public Sector Information licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licence (source http://waterlevel.ie - provided by the Office of Public Works.)

Data is licensed under the Creative Commons By Attribution (CC-BY) version 4.0 license - see here for a summary.

This is in line with Irish Government PER Circular 12 of 2016 and policy on Open Data (data.gov.ie).

As a courtesy, we request that you inform OPW at this email address of your intention to access the data in this way, and of the ip address and url of your server(s): waterlevel@opw.ie

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Note: Only monitoring stations with reference numbers between 00001 and 41000 are suitable for republication, data from stations with reference numbers outside this range should not be used or republished without express permission from OPW.

Cached and dynamic data

This site consists of some cached data and some dynamic data.  Users who wish to access the data using an automated process should use the following pre-generated data only. Users are welcome to link to any page from their own site, subject to the License above.

Note that we use a 5 week (35 day) period, but call this a 'month'.  This is for our own convenience.

  1. http://waterlevel.ie/data/month/25017_0001.csv
  2. http://waterlevel.ie/data/month/25017_OD.csv

To guarantee the latest data, use a parameter at the end of the url, e.g. the current timestamp - ?2014062417250000.


The following are the main data sets available on this site.

Refresh interval

Please do not take a bulk upload more frequently than once every 15 minutes.  Data on the website is updated approximately every 5 minutes, and new data for each station is added approximately every 15 minutes.  Data takes some time to be added - not all observations are reported within 15 minutes because of differences in clock times, latency in the mobile phone network etc.

We reserve the right to block any users who put undue loads on our servers or generate excessive traffic.


All our data is encoded in UTF-8.


Data is always reported in UTC / Greenwich Mean time, please note that local time in